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Congratulations on taking the exciting step of starting your own business! We are sure you have lots of questions, which is why we offer our business startup and sustainability services to Windsor, Colorado and surrounding areas. At Grey CPA, being available to support local start-up businesses and encourage sustainability and growth is one of our passions. It was an entrepreneurial spirit which made this country great, and we intend to continue to cultivate that mentality by offering our start-up and sustainability services.

If you have just started a business or thinking about starting one in Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, Greeley, Berthoud, or anywhere else in Northern Coloraco, contact Grey CPA today. We will help with things like:

Our well-rounded accounting and tax services in Windsor make Grey CPA an ideal fit for all of your start-up business needs. Contact our office today for a free consultation and find out how we can help!

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Why Do Start-up Businesses Fail?

As a local CPA in Windsor, we have had the opportunity to work with several business owners. Anyone who is brave enough to wade the waters of a business start-up, go against the grain and sustain a business long term have shared qualities. These characteristics are what makes a business avoid failure. Unfortunately, business start-ups have a reputation for failure. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Overconfidence: The very characteristic of confidence can be a downfall for business owners. Why? Because launching a business without proper market analysis with an expectation that their product or service is the best thing that everyone wants.
  • Paralysis by analysis: What does that mean? Well, to put simply it means a business owner focuses too much on the details instead of stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. The result is a lack of financial planning and business planning.
  • Overexpansion: Growth is a delicate thing in business. That is because expanding too fast can cause financial constraints or high debt without established cash flow. At the same time, staying stagnant for too long can also cause a business to fade out. Having a balance and generating a stable platform combined with healthy financials and established customer base is best for steady growth.

Business-Start-up and Sustainability Windsor, Colorado

Importance of Financial Sustainability in Business

At Grey CPA, we help business owners develop a plan for financial sustainability. Combining financial planning and resource planning, we can help you plan for success in your business for the long haul.

It is not enough for us to help a client start a business in Windsor or Fort Collins without helping it to thrive. That is why in addition to business start-up consultation, our experienced financials professionals are qualified to help your business flourish long term. We want and care to create sustainable wealth and business success with our clients and their companies.

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