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Accounting Services in Fort Collins

Grey CPA offers accounting services to the residents and businesses in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, including Timnath, Laporte, Wellington, Masonville, Bellvue, Red Feather Lakes, Severance, Eaton, and other areas close by.

Our CPA is ready to handle all of your tax and accounting needs, whether you own a small business, large business, or you are an individual looking to get your financial future secured. We have a well trained team of Fort Collins Accountants that have your best interests at heart, and know that you want the very best in customer service that comes with hiring a tax accounting professional in Northern Colorado.

Some of the services that we offer include:

  1. Tax Preparation. This can be done for your Fort Collins small business or for your family. Helping you achieve peace of mind is important to us, and making sure that you save all of your pennies, and get a tax return, if possible, is what we strive for. We want to make sure you have your deductions right every single year, and will ask in-depth questions to get more information – putting you in the right tax preparation position moving forward.
  2. Tax Planning. This is for small and large businesses, individuals and families. Not too many accountants care about more than the tax filing, but at Grey CPA, we want to understand your financial position before the New Year. Why? Because if you have excess money that can add value elsewhere while lessening your tax burden, that would be a great thing for you!
  3. Tax Compliance. This is pretty straight forward, but is sometimes over looked because many small businesses don’t know what they need to do in order to be compliant with the IRS. We do the dirty work for you while you worry about other important things.
  4. Tax Entity Formation. Do you know which entity is best for you? Do you think that an LLC would be most beneficial for the future of your small business? What about an S-Corp? We help you sift through all the legal jargon to find out what will put you in the best position.
  5. Bookkeeping, or QuickBooks. This might be the single biggest pain for individuals or small businesses. Most of the time, people don’t want to mess with any software, and they would rather just give an accountant in Fort Collins all of their receipts and let them sort out the madness. That’s what we’re here for.

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We are client focused Fort Collins accountants helping small businesses in industries like Craft Brewing, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing, Business Storefronts, and more. We help Investors with all of their checks and balances to make sure that your books are updated when you are ready to purchase your next investment property or make your next big purchase.

To contact Grey CPA in Fort Collins, give us a call today at 970-818-3055. We offer free consultations and will make sure that you get the customer service that you deserve, from professionals who truly care.