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Accounting Services in Greeley

Grey CPA serves Greeley families, individuals, and small businesses who need an accountant they can trust.

Since 2013 we have been offering our accounting services in Greeley to solve the tax issues that most people have on a yearly basis. When we sit down with someone to talk about what their biggest concerns are, most of the time the first thing out of their mouth is ‘I don’t know what I should be doing with my money.’ We help you delve through the mess that can be tax deductions, or what you can legitimize as an expense. No longer do you have to worry about doing your own tax preparation on some online software that you don’t trust. Call Grey CPA today for a free consultation – we know you will love working with us.

Handling your Greeley Small Business Accounting needs

Did you just start your small business in the past year, and you already are looking into the future preparing for explosive growth? Have you thought about how you are going to plan for the massive amount of taxes you may have to pay? Do you know what you can do to invest in your business for the future, and instead not pay as much in taxes? There are many questions that you will have when it comes to tax planning for your Greeley business. Our CPA are well versed in the tax code when it comes to helping small businesses navigate the next year of their life. Just sit down with us to talk about what your options are when it comes time to pay your tax bill. Maybe we can find a way to save you some money.

The financial future of your Greeley Business

Have you thought about what the next two or three years of your business will look like? If you are looking to grow or expand, what does that mean for your financial outlook? Grey CPA offers financial compilations and reviews as part of our Greeley Accounting services, and we can advise you on what will keep you solvent through business growth. Talk to our CPA about making sure that all of your financial books are in order in case you need to get a loan. We can help you ready your financial presentation to your bank so your loan is approved.

Greeley Tax Preparation

April 15th. It’s the date where we either cringe or breathe a huge sigh of relief that it’s here and we can concentrate on just conducting business for the rest of the year. Many families and businesses have been using online software, and the cold truth is you can miss many opportunities for possible exemptions and deductions. If you have many dependents and you are not claiming them, money is going right down the drain. If you are not claiming the interest that you pay on your mortgage every single year, your tax return will not be what it could be.

Call Greeley’s best accountants at Grey CPA today. We care about the well-being of our customers, and want to make sure that we do everything in our power to get you in the right financial position that you so dearly deserve. We can be reached at 970-818-3055